SPOKANE, Wash. – It has not rained in Spokane in 63 days! Which may feel like an eternity after the harsh winter and very wet spring the City endured.

However, Spokane has gone a lot longer without rain in the past. The record number of recorded dry days is 73 which was set 100 years ago on September 5, 1917.

Right now, the City is sitting in fourth place for no-rain days. If the weather holds out until Saturday, Spokane will bump up to second place and overtake the record set in 1973.

Spokane did see a couple of drops of rain this July, but it was not enough for the Spokane International Airport to pick up, leaving room for the dry streak to continue.

There is not any rain in our weather team’s forecast for the next week or so. Good news for those who love the summer heat because things will continue to stay hot and dry.