SPOKANE, Wash.—With the exception of some fog, the first full week of December 2017 has been very, very quiet.

It seems like it has been all sunshine and no snow.

December should be one of the months Spokane picks up most of the yearly precipitation.

Not this year!

December month to date has had .14 inches of rain, and that came at the beginning of the month.It has been dry ever since.

While it is still early in the month, but the extended outlook is bleak for snow lovers.

A very strong, stubborn ridge of high pressure is in charge of the weather pattern for the next 10-14 days. That is up to two weeks where I'm tracking more sunny and dry weather.

Average precipitation for the entire month of December is 14.6 inches.

The longest December dry streak, with no rain and no snow, is 18 days.

Spokane went 18 days without precipitation December 4th, 1943-December 21st, 1943.
The last time we had any precipitation was December 3rd this year.

That means to break the dry streak record, we would need to make it to December 22nd this year of no snow or rain, or 19 days.