SPOKANE, Wash --- From record-breaking dry weather, to daily heat records, summer 2017 in Spokane almost ended on an unusually hot and dry note.

The key word is almost. There are only a couple of days left of summer, and mother-nature decided to flip the switch.

Spokane just tied a daily “lowest” high temperature record, it is the coldest of the highs. That means, the highest temperature of the day Tuesday was about the coldest it has ever been on September 19, ever.

Tuesday’s daily temperature only managed to climb to 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The last time it was only 51 degrees on September 19 in Spokane was 1932, the day the record was set last.

In comparison, the hottest it has ever been on September 19 is 92 degrees. That heat record was set in 1922.

The average high temperature for September 19 is 72 degrees. So, 51 degrees is 21 degrees below average for that day.

Bye, summer.😩@KREM2 pic.twitter.com/2pZMxBrWsy

— Briana Bermensolo (@KREMBriana) September 20, 2017

There was also .62 inches of precipitation on Tuesday. It is much more than the average for the day, which is .03 inches. The record for rainfall on September 19 is 1.04 inches, it was set in 1973.

The hottest day in September so far is 94 degrees on September 2. The coldest day in September so far is Tuesday’s 51 degrees.