SPOKANE, Wash. – There comes a point when the soil is unable to absorb any more water; despite Thursday’s sun, the soil across the Inland Northwest has “maxed out.”

Record rain in October, followed by a deep freeze, then 60 plus inches of snow and now it is all melting with rain on top of it. That is a lot of moisture.

The National Weather Service said that when the soil moisture reaches 100 percent, anything above that is the “breaking point.” Spokane is around the 95-99% mark and some places in North Idaho are even higher than that.

The ground in a park that sits next to the Little Spokane River is way past 100 percent for its soil moisture. The park is just one of many areas across the Inland Northwest that were submerged under water on Thursday.

With a break in rain on Thursday, some of the water levels should go down. However, more rain will be back going into the weekend.