SPOKANE, Wash. — With colder temperatures and winter storms in the Inland Northwest, many of us have winter coats and gear to keep warm.

But there is a common debate in family households for kids who want to wear shorts and no coat: When, as a parent, should you force your kids to wear their winter clothes?

We asked parents across the Inland Northwest if they have had this experience with their kids. And a lot of people weighed in.

A lot of parents seemed to say they pick their battles and let their kids wear shorts and no coat. Some parents, though, said they lay down the law.

We wanted to talk to professionals about this. Are there any medical concerns for kids wearing shorts?

Doctor Dill at Rockwood Clinic said that kids who have diabetes, cancer, anemia or other diseases are going to have more risks in the cold, so these parents should be especially adamant.

“The question of whether a child should be able to wear shorts is dependent on their personal health, their doctor's advice, and what other clothing is included in their clothing ensemble,” Doctor Dill said. “So in the case of a child who refuses to wear long pants, I think anything but cotton socks, so wool or synthetic, appropriately waterproof boots, and a jacket would mitigate the risk--although it wouldn't completely reduce it.”

As far as school policy goes, Spokane Public Schools and Coeur d'Alene Schools both said they do not have a clothing policy related to weather. The schools said at times they do keep kids inside if they are not dressed for the elements.