SPOKANE, Wash.—Every year extreme cold affects millions of Americans across the Unites States during the winter.

Dressing correctly for the different levels of cold felt in the Inland Northwest can be tricky.
The National Weather Service has a few tips for getting though the winter months and staying warm.

NWS said on a chilly day where you could see possible rain in the sky or clouds it was recommended that that you wear one to two layers on top, a long layer of pants on the bottom, and of course some possibly waterproof boots.

On days where it’s chilly and there is snow, the Weather Service recommended two to three layers on top, one to two layers of long pants, a warm hat, and waterproof boots.

On days of extreme cold, extreme The National Weather Service recommended three layers on top, two or more layers of long pants, waterproof boots, a face mask, and a warm hat.

Arctic air mixed together with brisk winds can lead to extreme cold, something that Spokane does see.

The NWS said if people were exposed to extreme cold they could get frostbite in a matter of minutes and even hypothermia.