Several inches of snow will blanket the entire region overnight Monday into Tuesday.

The Lower Columbia Basin and Washington Palouse will primarily see rain, but just about everyone else will see snow.

Mountainous areas, like the Cascades and Panhandle, will likely see falling snow for a good portion of the week, especially everywhere above 3,000 ft.

Sandpoint is currently slated to see the most snow in the area, between four to six inches. Coeur d'Alene is expected to get between three and four inches, while Spokane is slated for two to three inches.

We are expecting a temperature warm up for the area – hitting even the mid-40s in Spokane by Friday – so the snow probably won’t stick around for long. Road surfaces in the valleys will probably be fine, thought below freezing temperatures overnight and early Tuesday morning might create a few slick spots.

This winter has been colder than normal so far, with much of the area in the bottom 33 percent for the mean winter temperatures. The Columbia Basin actually was in the bottom 10 percent for mean winter temperature, according to the National Weather Service.

If you see snow in your area, please post them on our Facebook wall or using the hashtag, #KREMsnow.