A Winter Storm Watch is in effect Wednesday through Friday morning, as a low-pressure system moves through , bringing early season snow. Wednesday night-Thursday night will bring heavy snow to mountainous areas and valleys, and rain for other regions south of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. The areas impacted by the Winter Storm Watch are Northern Idaho and Northeast Washington, specifically higher-elevation passes. Most models show a heavy amount of snow from the Okanogan Highlands to the Northern Panhandle. Mountains are expected to see up to 16 inches of snow, and valleys can expect accumulations of five to ten inches. Potential for significant accumulations of snow or ice on mountain passes could impact travel and cause safety problems.

Spokane: Most of the change will come in the form of a rain and snow mixture, depending on how conditions continue to develop. One of the biggest noticeable changes that Spokane and all surrounding counties will see is a drop in temperatures. This weekend will bring high temperatures in the upper 30S and lower 40S. Overnight lows are expected to drop to the mid-20s, with Saturdays low expected to drop to 24 degrees. High temperatures are not expected to exceed 45 degrees after this weekend, where historically that jump hasn’t occurred until mid-November. Some Inland Northwest cities may wake up to temperatures in the teens Monday morning.

This all marks a change in weather, where we are slowly transitioning to wetter and colder late fall. The Storm Tracker 2 Team is tracking the chance of a La Nina winter. This could bring cooler and wetter weather than normal for the end of 2017, into 2018.