SPOKANE, Wash. -- The month of February has felt – for the most part – like an early spring. The first two weeks brought above average temperatures and almost no measurable snowfall. It’s led a lot of people to assume this winter has been generally, mild. But the numbers seem to show otherwise.

For starters, the month of February definitely has been mild. The average for the month of February in Spokane is 6.8 inches of snow. So far this February, we’ve only seen 0.5 inches, and that was just on the first day of the month. It’s nothing compared to 2017’s winter, with 19.8 inches just in the month of February.

But looking at our winter to date, you might not believe that we’ve seen close to average snowfall. An average snow season to date, we would see 36.5 inches of snow. Since July 1 of 2017 through today, we’ve seen 32.9 inches, less than 4 inches from average. You may feel it’s been mild, due to how intense the 2016-2017 season was, with 49.6 inches at this time – far above average.

The snow that is expected to fall Tuesday and Wednesday could bring us closer to normal for the month of February, and may even put us over the average for seasonal snowfall, making this year not only beyond mild but above average for the season.