The month of October brought the Inland Northwest plenty of beautiful fall weather: moderate temperatures and little precipitation. But as the month changes, so will the weather pattern. By Wednesday, a cold and wet weather pattern will begin to impact our region with rain and snow. The good news is that Halloween evening, Tuesday night, is expected to be clear, with the exception of a few clouds.

Wednesday will be a day of transition into the wet weather with cloudy skies and a slight chance of rain, before the snow comes around. Thursday through Saturday is projected to bring one to two feet of snow to the mountains by Saturday morning. For northern valleys – areas that have not seen much precipitation this fall – an expected two to four inches may drop.

The Spokane region is not expected to be hit particularly hard by the storm. Most of the change will come in the form of a rain and snow mixture, depending on how conditions continue to develop. One of the biggest noticeable changes that Spokane and all surrounding counties will see is a drop in temperatures. This weekend we will high temperatures in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s. Overnight lows are expected to drop to the mid 20s, with Saturdays low expected to drop to 22 degrees. This, along with rain and snow may mark the beginning of an early winter beginning. High temperatures are not expected to exceed 45 degrees after this weekend, where historically that jump hasn’t occurred until mid-October. Spokane may even see an early morning next week with low temperatures in the teens – 19 degrees to be exact.

This all marks a change in weather, where we are slowly transitioning to wetter and colder late fall. Earlier in the month, NOAA forecasters predicted that the Northwest will see a cooler and wetter winter than normal, and drier in the South for the end of 2017, into 2018. This weekend may just be the beginning of yet another La Nina.