SPOKANE, Wash --- Spokane’s “water year” ended Sunday, and we are leaving behind some bizarre weather.

Yearly precipitation otherwise known as “water years” are measured from the beginning of October, to the end of September.

We saw record amounts of rain, hail and snow last winter. Spokane also had a record for least amount of rainfall over the summer.

Spokane broke the dry streak after 80 days of no measurable rainfall.

Shortly after breaking that streak, we saw upwards of an inch of rain in just a few days.

An inch might not sound like a lot, but combine that with the rain we have had in the last few weeks and Spokane had its second wettest water year on record.

Despite one season where we went almost three months without any rain, last winter was enough to put us one away from the top spot.

It was not just Spokane, Kellogg, Idaho had its second wettest water year and Bonner’s Ferry had its third.