SPOKANE, Wash. – With the expected weather, believe it or not, many people are still rushing to repair damage from 2015’s destructive windstorm in Spokane and around the Inland Northwest.

Ever since Daniel Weaver opened Expert Roofing earlier this season, he said he has been booked solid.

“We’re stacked this season, we’re stacked out to next season,” he said.

With the expected storm heading towards Spokane this weekend, Weaver anticipates more work to come.

“More leaks, more blow offs, more trees falling over,” he said.

Moderate winds and one strong storm is typical for this time of year. In November 2015 though, winds reached as high as 75 miles per hour – which only happens every 25 to 50 years, according to meteorologists.

Since thousands of homes are still recovering, and many trees are weakened – there is no telling what damage bad weather will bring.

“There’s quite a few people that’s taken a long time, because there’s so much to do,” Weaver said.