SPOKANE, Wash. -- If you were on the streets of Spokane one year ago on December 11, you would probably see kids sledding and skiing down hills in Manito Park, or cars attempting to maneuver their way over inches of snow. That's because, between December 9 and 10 of 2016, more than four inches of snow fell, and accumulated on the ground. That is a stark difference in comparison to this year in Spokane.

Spokane has not seen any measurable snowfall since November 6, and the month of November as a whole only saw 7.2 inches of snow total. Plus, this year puts Spokane in the running to be one of the driest Decembers on record. The record, set in 1943, is 18 days of no rain or snow. Spokane is now eight days into another dry streak that began on December 3 and is set to last for most of the workweek. If there is no rain or snow through December 22, Spokane will break the record dry streak for the month of December.

Plus, while our temperatures have been chilly, around 20 and 30 degrees, it's nothing compared to 1922 where the low temperature we hit, was negative 9 degrees. Any chance of snow or rain is expected to hold off until this Friday, and even then, only come at a 60% chance.