SPOKANE, Wash. --- Many people are turning to media outlets and weather stations to try and figure out what type of winter the Inland Northwest can expect this year.

The Climate Predication Center has issued a La Nina watch, but that does not mean we will actually have a La Nina winter.

It is likely you have seen at least one article or website claiming we will have a La Nina winter, which means more rain, snow and cooler temperatures.

However, the real challenge is accurately predicting the winter forecast.

Models are currently showing there is a potential for a weak La Nina or a neutral winter season.

Typically, you would see above normal precipitation and below normal temperatures with a La Nina.

The KREM 2 weather team has looked into the likelihood of an actual La Nina winter. Even if there was a La Nina watch, there is no way to tell if we will be above, below or neutral this winter as far as precipitation, snow and temperatures.

Lastly, we already had a La Nina watch within the last two months, which does not mean we are in for a La Nina winter. It is all predications from computer models. Currently, it is too hard to tell what our winter will look like.

Regardless, the Inland Northwest will get winter storms this year.