SPOKANE, Wash. – The Transportation Security Administration [TSA] has implemented new carry-on baggage screening at Spokane International Airport.

The new procedures require travelers to remove any electronics bigger than a cellphone from their carry-on bags.

Those electronics, like tablets, cameras and Bluetooth speakers, will undergo the same screening process as laptops.

TSA Spokesperson Lorie Dankers said the changes are to combat evolving terrorism treats.

Liquids will still need to be placed in a one quart bag, but now, they will also need to go into their own bin during X-ray screening.

Dankers said the changes should not slow down screening time.

“Simply removing these specific items from the carry-on bag will give TSA officers a clearer view of those items and the contents of the bag on the x-ray screen,” Dankers said.

Passengers may be asked to remove more items from their carry-on bags during the screening process, but Dankers said there are no changes to what they are allowed to bring through security.

In July, the Department of Homeland Security announced changes to the screening process. Dankers said the changes at the Spokane airport are to comply with the new federal regulations.

The changes will only effect people in general screening, not TSA PreCheck.