SPOKANE, Wash. – New construction on the North-South Freeway is slated to begin soon.

As far as major construction projects go, the North-South Freeway might as well be an urban legend. There has been plenty of talk, hype and promise, all as drivers spend countless time in traffic.

“Terrible in the morning. You’re always fighting it. People driving crazy. It’s terrible,” said Donavin Elliott.

Elliott lives on the South Hill but works in North Spokane. He has dealt with a slog of congestion for years, all as construction of the promised freeway remains at a standstill.

“Seems like it’ll take a long time. It is what it is,” said Elliott.

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Commuters will start to see some progress this spring. At a cost of $7.5 million, the North-South Freeway will be extended a quarter mile. Plans also include two freeway bridges that will be built over Freya Street. Those bridges will eventually connect the existing freeway to the Hillyard industrial area.

These expansions will be the biggest to the North-South Freeway in several years.

Bids on the project closed a few weeks ago and work will start as soon as the weather turns warm.

Washington State Department of Transportation workers said construction will take a year and a half to complete.

“If it’s not easier for me, it’ll definitely free up the road for other people so that I can get on Division easier,” said Elliott.