SEATTLE -- Those newly redesigned Washington state driver's licenses that are starting to roll out still won't get you through security at the airport next year. They still don't fully comply with the federal REAL ID law.

Standard Washington driver's licenses won't be accepted by the TSA starting in January 2018 because they don't show proof of citizenship. To get on a plane starting next year, you'll need a Washington enhanced driver's license, your passport, or your military ID.

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Washington state has had all this time to comply with the REAL ID Act of 2005. But instead, they are now in the process of passing a bill at the last minute that's a band-aid. The only changes lawmakers are considering is to add a stamp to your current license. All that does nothing but reminds you that your ID is not in compliance. It's still not going to get you through the airport.

It does lower the cost of an enhanced driver's license from $108 for six years to $66.