SPOKANE, Wash. – After Washington State Patrol troopers gave out thousands of warnings in the last six months, but the grace period for the state's new distracted driving law is now over.

Between July, when the law first took effect, and November, WSP stopped more than 5,000 drivers for breaking the law.

KREM 2 caught up with WSP Trooper Jeff Sevigney on Tuesday as he sat in his patrol car. It took him less than one minute to spot a driver violating the distracted driving law.

“You can't have your phone obviously in your hand when you're driving anymore,” he explained to the driver.

If you are caught with your phone behind the wheel, you are looking at a $136 ticket.

If you get a second ticket within five years, the fine goes up to $234.

“When i think of the serious injury collisions and the fatal crashes that I've gone to, that were clearly attributed to distracted driving, to me it just doesn't seem like it's enough,” Sevigney said. “When you put it in perspective of life and property, I don't' know that $136 is really that much money.”