When the valet driver at Vic and Anthony's Steakhouse in downtown Houston returned Bob Wolin's Tesla, he thought everything was fine. But when he got inside he realized something had happened.

Without Tesla technology, he would have never known.

"I knew instantly the valet was having a good time," Wolin said.

Tesla keeps track of the car's energy usage. And Wolin saw a dramatic spike on the dashboard.

"It was all the way up to the 900 level," Wolin said. "I've never had a spike like that."

For five to six miles, the car signaled someone floored it likely topping speeds of more than 90 miles an hour.

"It was clear that they were driving the car hard," Wolin said. "Driving it like you stole it, it's exactly what they did."

Wolin was upset. He called Vic and Anthony's. The restaurant said it wasn't their problem and referred him to the valet company State Parking Services.

Wolin filed a complaint. But the operator seemed to be confused by the report. KHOU 11 News stopped by Vic and Anthony's for answers, too. The valet driver on duty told us that it's impossible, that this sort of thing "never happens there."

But the car's data doesn't lie -- It's pretty clear. Wolin just wants to know who was behind the wheel and make sure it doesn't happen again.

The owner of State Parking Services tells us he's spoken to Wolin and is investigating what happened. He's asking for Wolin to get the GPS log from Tesla. Wolin's emailed the company hoping to get that data, so they can confirm where the valet driver took the vehicle.

State Parking Services does have past complaints with the Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB, they have four complaints on file since 2014.