SPOKANE, Wash.—A popular Christmas gift comes with directions also comes with some regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Drones seem to be popping up everywhere, in fact the FAA projected that more than 3.5 million recreational drones will be in the U.S. skies by 2021.

The FAA said there are ruled for drone operators to follow before new operators join the fleet.

FAA volunteer safety representative, Robert Rees said he works to educate drone owners about the rules and regulations they have.

“Here in Spokane, that's pretty much everywhere all the way out five miles west of Fairchild running all the way through Spokane Valley,” said Rees.

Rees said the internet makes it easier for operators to find where they can and cannot fly. Online tools like AirMap and the FAA's “B4 You Fly” highlight the off-limits area.