SPOKANE, Wash --- Snapchat has a new feature that lets you see where your friends are anywhere in the world.

The “Snap map” is activated by starting on your camera screen in Snapchat and pinching your fingers together on the screen. It will bring up a map of your location and show you an avatar that represents yourself. You can choose to have only your friends see your location, only certain friends see your location or you can use “Ghost Mode” so no one sees where you are.

The ability to share your exact location has stirred up some safety concerns among local enforcement.

The Colfax Police Department warned parents in a Facebook post of the new features to protect the community from potential threats or stalking behaviors.

The Spokane Police Department also encouraged parents to have a conversation with their children explaining how dangerous it can be to share your location with a stranger.

Washington State Trooper, Jeff Sevigney, shared a message of safety posted by an officer in Massachusetts. The officer even went into detail explaining how to get you and your children off the Snapchat grid.

To keep your location hidden, you open the Snapchat app and bring up the “Snap map,” click on the icon in the top right corner and then you have the option to turn on “Ghost Mode” or select who can see your location.

You will know if you have successfully turned on “Ghost Mode” when your avatar on the map is holding up a blue ghost sign.

You can only use this feature if you have the most recent update to Snapchat.