SPOKANE, Wash. – Students and fans alike lined up early to get a chance to watch the National Championship in the Kennel.

Don Davis and his wife drove up from Boise to surprise their son, a junior at Gonzaga, for his 21st birthday, but they hoped they would also be there to watch the Zags.

“We hoped, but we weren’t sure, so we watched the games from Boise, but it is nice to be able to be here. We were actually in the student building for the last game and it was a hoot, the floor was shaking in there,” Don said.

While Don waited on the south side of the Kennel, his son Dakota waited on the north side. He was lucky enough to be number 23 in line.

“It’s crazy in the sense that a lot of people are here and it’s kind of funny that the team’s not and this is usually what it would look like if the team was here,” Dakota said.

Once inside, the energy in the Kennel was electric. It felt like a home game.

“It feels like the team is actually out on the court and they’re 600 miles away,” Dakota said.

The game was a definitely a nail biter and the Zags were not able to seal the deal on a National Championship.

“I mean Zags still made history, so it’ll always be another year, you just got to put one foot in front of the other and nothing can stop you when you just keep trying,” Dakota said.