SPOKANE, Wash --- The air quality in Washington has caused many local sports teams to call off their games if they are held outside, while others are waiting to make a decision.

There are three college games lined up for Saturday on this side of the state.

Washington State University has a clear path to play Saturday night.

Eastern Washington University was not sure they would play but after some maneuvering they will play Saturday night.

Whitworth University was also having some troubles but they are playing as well.

High school games are on Friday, so they have less time to see if the smoke will clear.

The Greater Spokane League decided to cancel all league games Friday in response to the smoky conditions.

Cheney High School tried to beat the smoke’s defense, but they could not get it done, they have postponed the game until Saturday.

The Coeur d’Alene and Mead football game could not find a way to play tonight, so they decided to postpone the game too.

The game plans could change if the air quality index reaches 150 or higher, and these schools will continue to monitor that very closely up until kick off.