The Seattle Seahawks open training camp is this weekend, just a few weeks ahead of their first pre-season game. The Seahawks are coming off another impressive year, with a run to NFC divisional playoff weekend.

Throughout the offseason, all of the players have intense workout schedules; and several of the Hawks work with Ford Sports Performance in Bellevue. CEO Tracey Ford has been building a training empire as some of the top high school, college, and pro athletes have been working to get better at his gym.

His NFL program has more than a dozen players from all across the league.

“We’ve got to give them their edge. We’ve got to be able to, first and foremost, keep these guys strong, keep them healthy, get them more flexible and more so keep them strong at the point of contact,” Ford said. “You’ve got to be prepared; and you’ve got to kind of come with your ‘A’ game; and do a lot of research on what they want to accomplish, the goals that they want to accomplish as far as, ‘Where does their body want to feel?’ How much weight do they want to gain, how much weight do they want to lose? How much strength do they want to gain?”

Seahawks Linebacker KJ Wright has been training with FSP every offseason for three years.

“He does a great job man, just listening to our bodies, getting us in shape, we go to the beach, go to the hills, so we do a whole lot of different things, so I enjoy working out with him,” Wright said. “I just wanted to keep getting better in all aspects. Each offseason, like I said work on my footwork, of course, get stronger and get faster as we did today; just want to increase to be a better football player.”

This week Wright was working out alongside teammate and fellow Linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis.

“For us, the offseason is most important. That’s the time we get to really hone in our skills,” Pierre-Louis said. “We’re a fast-moving team, fast moving offense, defense. Carroll expects us to come into camp already ready.”

And that is why Ford takes his job so seriously.

“By the time they leave they’re clicking on all cylinders, they’re feeling as fast as they’ve ever felt before, they’re feeling strong as they’ve ever felt before, heading into training camp,” Ford said.

The Seahawks open training camp is Sunday, July 30 and 11 of their practices will be open to the public. As of now, they are all sold out.

For more information on Ford and his gym, you can find it on his website.