The Seahawks played to the first tie in franchise history, 6-6 against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night. Here is what the Seahawks players and coach Pete Carroll are saying about the experience.

“It was a defensive battle. We made plays and it just sucks it came out in a tie. I just wish we could keep playing and figure the game out … If we gonna get a win, I’ll stay out on this field as long as I got to.” Linebacker Bobby Wagner, who blocked a field goal

“It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around and kind of hard to know how to feel after this kind of game. But I guess it’s better than a loss.” -- Receiver Tanner McEvoy, who blocked a 4th quarter punt

“I’ve never been a part of a game like this. Never been a part of a tie, so mixed emotions right now. But better than taking the ‘L’, I guess.” – Defensive end Cliff Avril

“Offense kind of struggled, but we got their backs. I know there’s gonna be some games where we don’t go out there and play like we need to play, they gonna have us.” – Safety Earl Thomas

“Really an amazing football game. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a tie before and my brain really doesn’t know where to go on that. If I have, I don’t remember it and I washed it out.” – Head coach Pete Carroll