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We have a NFL version of the 'Biggest Loser' playing out right before our eyes. For the first time with the Seahawks, running back Eddie Lacy had his weigh in for a contract incentive and he passed!

The former offensive rookie of the year needed to hit 255 pounds or less and he checked in at 253 pounds. That's a cool $55,000 dollars in his pocket...for laying off a hot pocket or two. It's pretty funny to think Eddie Lacy just made more money than the average American makes in a year with that weigh-in.


That's only the first of seven weigh-in's for Lact. If he hits all his goals he will make almost $400,000, regardless of how he does on the field. Now, the Seahawks aren't trying to shame Eddie Lacy for his weight, just a big part of his job is to be in shape so he can be effective.

Let me show you what I mean.

Eddie Lacy at Alabama (Courtesy: AL.com).

Above is a picture of Eddie Lacy during his junior year at Alabama. He ran for more than 1,300 yards before jumping to the draft at roughly 231 pounds.

Aug 17, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) carries the ball as St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins (21) defends during the first half at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In his first two years with the Packers, he emerged as a great young talent rushing for more than 2,000 yards in two years. He looked great and we felt like a great career was on the way.

Aug 29, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) is tackled during the first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

But then in 2015, he showed up to camp looking like this and it's like 'uh oh.' His production completely fell off. in 2015, it was his weight. Then, in 2016, it was his weight plus an injury and then before you know it, he's looking for a job with a reported weight of 267 pounds.

Now we're nearing on wasted talent.

This is where Seattle comes in.

The Seahawks are taking a chance on Lacy and there's really no risk here as the team has plenty of options. In fact, Pete Carroll wants a bigger running back. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told 710 ESPN Seattle "He looks great. He's huge. And he's going to keep playing huge."

Marshawn Lynch ran for more yards (157) than the entire Green Bay Packers roster (135).

If you think about the running backs in Seattle under Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell, they're not necessarily shifty guys. Before there was Feast Mode, there was Beast Mode with Marshawn Lynch. We can talk about Christine Michael, Thomas Rawls and CJ Prosise to a small extent. All of these guys are between 215 pounds and 225 pounds. Lacy is never going to be at this weight, but all of these guys are angry runners who can pack a punch. And as we all know, 245 pounds (the weight the Seahawks want Lacy for the entire season) is a big punch. Expect him to be used in short yardage situations.

So, I know it's funny to see a guy earn money for hitting a certain weight. He's actually one of three guys in the league who has this type of incentive in his contract, so it's nothing unique.

It shows you Seattle is thinking differently with how contracts are structured.and if Lacy can workout differently, he'll make his money, the Seahawks probably get the player they want and guess what...

Everybody eats.

Lacy will have a weigh-in every month for the next seven months. He must be less than 250 pounds through August and less than 245 pounds for the season.