"This offensive line is probably the least expensive offensive line in all of football."

It sounded like a guesstimation Sunday night by NBC's Cris Collinsworth during the Seahawks-Cardinals game. Collinsworth was talking about Seattle's offensive line and how badly they were blocking through the first three-and-a-half quarters.

Turns out he was absolutely right.

According to OverTheCap.com, the Seahawks are spending $8.7 million on their offensive line, easily the cheapest in the NFL. They're almost $5 million cheaper than the next-closest team, the New York Giants.

The most expensive line is the Oakland Raiders at nearly $38 million.

For another perspective, here is how the entire NFL ranks in a word cloud. It even took us awhile to find the Seahawks on this.

The Seahawks have the 7th-most expensive defense in the NFL ($74.9 million), but they have the 4th-cheapest offense ($57.9 million).

That defense paid dividends and beyond Sunday night.