A former Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman is one of 13 plaintiffs named in a federal lawsuit against all 32 NFL teams, claiming the teams administered large amounts of painkillers in order to keep players on the field, The Seattle Times reported Friday.

Jerry Wunsch, 43, also reportedly fought a two-year legal battle with the Seahawks, seeking workers’ compensation for the mental and physical injuries he sustained. A state industrial appeals judge ruled Wunsch eligible for compensation, but the Seahawks have until April 19 to appeal.

Wunsch was with the Seahawks from 2002 to 2005, but was let go following training camp in that final season – the year the Seahawks reached their first Super Bowl.

The Times says it obtained Wunsch’s medical records which indicate he received injections of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory called Toradal before all but six of his 34 games with the Seahawks. That’s in addition to multiple prescription and non-prescription painkillers.

Wunsch says his physical and mental injuries leave him unable to hold down a job. He needs help getting dressed and he fears his children may have to one day institutionalize him.

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