SEATTLE -- Former Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman has agreed to a plea deal with no jail time following vehicular assault and felony hit and run charges in a crash last year.

Appearing in court Thursday, Coleman admitted to going 60 mph in a 35 mph zone, hitting another car, flipping his car and injuring a man a year ago. A judge accepted Coleman's guilty plea; sentencing is expected sometime next week.

Police say Coleman rear-ended a car in Bellevue on October 14, 2015. The car flipped and the 56-year-old driver suffered a broken collarbone. Coleman left the scene and police found him several blocks away barefoot.

Coleman admitted to smoking the drug "Spice" around 5 p.m. and driving around 5:30 p.m.

A police report said Coleman showed signs consistent with being impaired during field sobriety tests after the accident. Tests showed that Coleman was unsteady on his feet.

During a search of the car after the collision, officers found a glass spoon pipe with residue, a lighter, an open bag of a Synthetic Cannbinoid labeled "F'd up" and three unopened bags of "Mad Pitbulls," another Synthetic Cannabinoid.

Police didn't take blood from Coleman for several hours after the collision, and tests didn't show any trace of the drugs he admitted taking.

KING 5's Chris Daniels contributed to this report.