The Oakland Raiders may have trolled the Seattle Seahawks Sunday in their game against the New York Jets. And it all had to do with their new running back, former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch.

The Raiders were set up with a 1st and Goal at the Jets' two-yard line in the first quarter. Perfect territory for Beast Mode to pound it in.

Quarterback Derek Carr reportedly came up to the line of scrimmage and yelled out "Seattle! Seattle!"

But instead of handing the ball to Lynch, he threw it for a touchdown to wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

You know what happens next. #RaiderNation

— NFL (@NFL) September 17, 2017

We'll have to see if the Raiders address it after the game, but the "Seattle" call may have been a veiled shot at the Seahawks for not handing Lynch the ball at the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX. The Seahawks lost the game after Russell Wilson threw an interception -- a play call that has been criticized mightily since that day.

After the Raiders picked up Lynch in the offseason, Carr vowed that if they were at the one-yard line, he would hand it to Lynch every time.

They were at the two, so promise kept -- so far.