Two Seahawks fans tied the knot at their best possible wedding venue – in Hawk Alley.

Angela Rasmussen and Alexei Krasnoselsky got married Sunday morning before the game against the Falcons.

“We thought it would unique,” said Rasmussen, who is from Puyallup.

The couple was decked out in Seahawks gear, both wearing jersey No. 16 with “Razkraz” on the back. Also their wedding hashtag, the pair combined their last names with the year of the wedding.

About 100 guests attended the tailgate wedding, including some 12s from around the Alley. The Sea Pope officiated the ceremony, and Rasmussen and Krasnoselsky signed a Seahawks unity football to represent their commitment.

Was Rasmussen nervous before the wedding?

“I’m more nervous about playing the Panthers,” she said.

Photos: Couple marries in Hawk Alley