PULLMAN, Wash. – USCFootball.com beat writer and columnist Dan Weber let Coug fans have it after USC lost to WSU Friday night.

In a post-game interview with reporter Keely Eure, Weber shared his thoughts on the Trojan’s first loss of the season. USC ended its 13-game winning streak at Martin Stadium after a 30-27 loss to Washington State.

Eure brought up USC player injuries that occurred during the game and asked Weber if the injuries are going to impact the team’s future. Weber started his response with a small injury scenario then turned the conversations towards WSU fans.

“These idiots, and I mean idiots or should I call them morons at Washington State were booing every USC kid they thought was faking an injury,” Weber said. “That was beyond stupid. I know it’s difficult to be at a college 100 miles from any civilization… And when you watch them jump onto the field, they got to get fined a big hunk for the PAC 12 for no security and for all those idiots rushing the field, but these are not smart people.” (Quote at 6:14).

Eure quickly turned the conversation back to USC, but Weber’s comments were already heard by the Cougar community. COUGFancom tweeted the video clip and received almost 200 comments aimed at Weber.

Weber was not the only one to make comments about Washington State fans. Eure took to twitter to say “Wazzu fans are not the classiest. I’m seriously going to have to bleep out some of the audio in the game highlights.”

UPDATE on October 2, 2017:

Dan Weber issues an apology after his remarks following Friday's game. Read the full statement here.