PULLMAN, Wash. – Just a few days ahead of the Apple Cup, Washington State University head coach Mike Leach told media he did not have anything “special” planned for the rivalry game.

“We’re gonna have great practices and go out there and just worry about being the greatest team you can be,” he said.

Leach explained, it's not like they had not been holding back on any games thus far this season.

“It’s not like there’s any extra private reserve in the cellar of the bank that we are able to draw from, because all of a sudden you know this is a game that gets a lot of attention around here,” he said.

Leach added that there had not been any big takeaways from previous Apple Cups, saying that Washington is a “really good team” and that they just needed to play better against better competition in those situations.

Leach said the team had needed this past bye week to rest. WSU played 11 straight games to start the season, without a week off.

Right now, UW is favored to beat WSU according to betters in Las Vegas so far. WSU has not won the Apple Cup since 2012.

The 110th Apple Cup will air on FOX this Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

You can watch Mike Leach's full press conference below:

You can watch University of Washington's head coach Chris Peterson's Monday press conference below.