The Seattle Mariners have released their 2017 television ads, a storied tradition around this time of year.

Here is a description of each ad, as written by the Mariners.

"Beyond The Flip" – Featuring Kyle Seager, Leonys Martín, Mike Zunino, Casey Candaele, Tim Bogar and Edgar Martinez

The bat flip has been a part of baseball for years. However, Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager decides it's time for something new. Seager and his teammates Leonys Martín and Mike Zunino find new and inventive ways to use their bats as props after each home run. The ensuing unique celebrations are described by Mariners coaches Casey Candaele and Tim Bogar including "The Rockstar," "The Jockey," "The Grandpa," and "The Drum Major." Of course, Mariners legend Edgar Martinez schools the youngsters with the "Mic Drop!"

"The Canó Show" – Featuring Robinson Canó

He is one of baseball's prime time players and one of Seattle's favorite sports stars. In this parody of
the iconic "Saturday Night Live" open, Robinson Canó demonstrates why he is the star of the show
every night at Safeco Field.

"Boomstick Workout" – Featuring Nelson Cruz, Kyle Seager, Manny Acta and Mariners strength
& conditioning coach James Clifford

You’ve gotten glimpses on Twitter and Instagram, now go behind-the-scenes of Nelson Cruz's
strenuous workout. The slugger, working with Mariners strength & conditioning coach James Clifford,
goes through a variety of exercises that help him attain his light tower power. Even Nelson's cardio
workout is perfectly designed for his home run hitting prowess.

"Happy Felix Day" – Featuring Felix Hernandez, James Paxton, Hisashi Iwakuma and Edwin Diaz

The phrase "Happy Felix Day" has become part of every Mariners fan’s vernacular. Throughout the
Northwest, fans celebrate each Felix Hernandez start in their own special way. While fans show their
love for the Mariners ace, an opposing batter doesn’t have much cause for celebration.

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