For NBA Draft hopefuls there is more to impressing teams than what goes on on the floor. Former Gonzaga guard Jordan Mathews has found that out in recent weeks.

Mathews has worked out for the Pelicans, Raptors, Lakers and Jazz. During his interview with Toronto, the team's psychologist asked questions aimed at exposing possible character flaws.

"He asked like about 'would you ever hit a woman' or something like that," Mathews told KREM 2 Sports Director Darnay Tripp on his podcast 'The Press'. "Then he's like 'sometimes they deserve it right?' He tried to bait you into that. And I was like, 'No, never. You never do that. It's not something that's appropriate ever.'

"I think that's one of those questions where he asked it in a joking manner but he was very serious."

Team personnel ask questions like these to potential draft picks or free agents in order to pick up on any potential red flags, and help determine if the player is worth the investment.

"You have to understand, they're investing a lot of money in us. So it's probably good to do their due diligence."

That wasn't the only heavy question Mathews was asked during his interview in Toronto.

"He asked me, 'how would you end racism in the United States?' That was the most interesting one I got.

You can hear the entire episode of 'The Press' with Mathews below.