SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- The Freeman High School football team voted to play Friday’s game against Medical Lake to give people a chance to forget about the tragedy of Wednesday's shooting.

The Scotties played an emotional game on Friday. There was a lot of excitement and relief from the community and the team about the decision to play this football game.

“The coaches been awesome, I mean first and foremost, it’s how we feel. And the first thing they asked is do you guys want to play? It was all about us, how we felt and if we were ready to do this. And we came together as a team and decided we wanted to play Friday night. We wanted to be there for our community,” said Freeman High School football player, Konner Freudenthal.

It was not an easy decision for the people involved, and the air quality played a major role in deciding whether or not the game even could be played.

This game allowed people a few hours off from the stress of the past few days. It gave people an excuse to cheer on their team and have some reason to get together that is joyful.

Beyond that there has been support from many communities around Spokane and elsewhere. It has meant a lot to the players and the rest of the Freeman community.

“As a team, that means everything to us even as a school and a community. It means a ton, knowing we have that support through one of the darkest times the school has ever seen. And knowing that people are helping us through this and that we are gonna get through this together….we’re definitely appreciating all the support we get…there’s gonna hopefully be a ton of people here tonight, and I’m excited for that,” said Freudenthal.

The outpouring of support has been staggering to some. You have been able to see it everywhere especially on social media.

There was a huge crowd at the game even an hour before kickoff. This proves how much the community supports the decision to play this game.

Freeman’s head football coach, Jim Wood, talked about the outpouring of support from the area and why it was important to play the game tonight.

“I felt that they were ready to start over, start over for the whole community. I think it means it’s an opportunity to bring everyone together. You know it’s a game of football, but it’s a game of life to them. All of us. It’s a whole new perspective on what we do, why we do it. And their home is that football field and the community, as rough as it is, they feel that that’s a place they can go and be together and start anew,” said Wood.

The Scotties were clearly the superior team tonight, and they took a significant lead into halftime.

They rode the emotional wave to a big opening kickoff return and did not stop from that point on.

The final score was 49-0 Freeman.

Here is the first half.

And here is the second half.