I don't remember my first Gonzaga basketball game because I was three months old at the time. My dad held me in his lap, trying to not to cheer too loudly as I slept peacefully.

Though I may not remember my first game, today's semifinal matchup against the University of South Carolina was a game I will never forget.

I'm part of the fourth generation of my family to go to Gonzaga. It is a family affair to say the least. And though my family dedicatedly watches or attends every game, I have found another family as I cheer relentlessly for my Zags.

The Gonzaga basketball program is an undeniable force both on the court and in the stands. As the team battles on the hardwood, the fans in the crowd band together in support of something bigger. The bond between Gonzaga students, alumni and fans is truly special. The support and dedication that comes from the crowd is incontestable. Through remarkable wins and devastating losses, the Gonzaga family remains strong. It was evident from the energy in the stands and those supporting at home, that the Gonzaga family is here for good.

To say that I'm thankful would be an understatement. The Gonzaga community is in it through thick and thin. So, thank you Gonzaga, for being dedicated to this team, but also being dedicated to an even bigger force: Family.

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