SPOKANE, Wash. – A South Carolina man who now lives in Spokane is a little conflicted about Saturday’s Gonzaga game.

John Morrow watched the Zags take on South Carolina in the Final Four at the Garland Theater. He has lived in Spokane for 12 years and doesn’t live far from the theater.

Morrow said he is happy that Gonzaga won because they’re the hometown team.

"I was born in South Carolina. And grew up in North Carolina. My brain is pulling for Gonzaga. My heart may be a little bit in Dixie,” Morrow said before the game. "The South lost the civil war. It will never rise again. I'm thinking of asking my cardiologist if I should see any more of these games.”

Morrow said he is perfectly happy that the Zags won. His affections are here in Spokane.