PHOENIX – A dedicated mother-daughter duo had so much faith in the Gonzaga men going to the championship they bought their tickets for the game a month ahead of time.

“We had faith in our boys,” said Jill Abbott.

Jill and Diane Abbott rocked matching outfits Monday morning ahead of the championship game.

The Abbotts have had a long couple of days. On Saturday, they were at Jack and Dan’s watching the Zags take on South Carolina. Then Sunday morning they hopped on a plane to Arizona, arriving to a golf course 10 minutes before their tee time.

They weren’t just dedicated to making sure they had cool signs for the game. Jill made dozens of signs many saying “Zag Nation,” others said “Why zig when you can zag” and another read “What monkey?”

Unfortunately, they learned Sunday they would not be allowed to bring their signs into the stadium for the game.

Diane became a Zag fan back in 1999. She said she used to listen to the team play on the radio while she was working at Avista. Jill is actually a University of Idaho graduate and said her mom converted her. Both are so excited to see the men play in the championship.

"So excited can't even imagine. Last year I was in Chicago when the Cubs won the World Series so I'm a good luck charm," said Diane.

Monday also happens to be Diane’s wedding anniversary with her husband George.

“Bad wife, great fan,” said Jill.