SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane got a taste of the Gonzaga celebrations over the weekend.

Unfortunately not all of them were positive ways to root for the Zags. On Saturday, someone tweeted a picture of a couch being burned near GU's campus.

We don't know how GU students will react to the national championship game. Students said they don't think it'll get out of hand. But campus security is prepared for anything.

Being a devoted Zag can be emotional at times. There are ups and there are downs. But when they got the greatest high seeing their team win, some celebrated in a potentially dangerous way. A picture began going around on Twitter of students setting fire to a couch off campus after the semifinal game against South Carolina.

Spokane Fire District 8 even sent a message with this tweet, reminding students this is arson. But the image hasn't seemed to faze some students.

“After the win yesterday it was pretty crazy but there was never a moment I felt I was in danger," said student Liam Allan

“For the most part there's always that initial celebration where everyone goes crazy but it dies down after a while sure. I think it was well monitored for sure, everyone has a chance to be excited but it was under control,” said another student.

While others admit celebrations could get out of control.

“A little nervous because I don't know what campus is going to be like if we lose," said student Olivia Antoine.

A GU spokesperson said they will increase security on campus for during and after the national championship game. They're prepared for any celebrations that might go too far. But for the most part students are just preparing to have a good time and watch the Zags bring home the Championship.

Fire officials said they are continuing to tell people to not burn anything. The fine for unauthorized or reckless burning starts with misdemeanor and $513 fine.