SPOKANE, Wash. -- If you didn't get a ticket to see Gonzaga in the big dance, you might be looking for a place to catch the big game.

There are several bars and restaurants around town that are getting ready for all the GU fans looking for a place to watch. On Saturday night there were huge crowds coming out to our local bars. They were there to watch their team play and eventually win, now with the national championship game Monday local bars are preparing for huge crowds.

There was a party going on at Scotty's Doghouse after GU's win over South Carolina. Staff worked until 5 a.m.

“It's a lot of work for it but it's well worth it for us," said Joey Larocque General Manager Scotty's Doghouse and Lucky Puppy.

The crew at the local college bar is getting ready for another round. Scotty's is selling wristbands for their watch party Monday. They'll have the patio open again. They're taking down the tent and putting up a bigger screen outside to watch the national championship game. Larocque said they want to provide a safe place for GU fans to party.

“I think it's nice to have the big groups in a contained area where they can all celebrate and we can keep an eye on them and make they're safe as well," said Larocque.

That's even more important since they are expecting even more people to come out to watch the game. This means more work for the crew but Larocque doesn't mind because they’re excited for their hometown team.