SPOKANE, Wash. -- If you were anywhere near GU's campus on Saturday, the screams of joy were unwavering and unmistakable.

By Sunday, campus was much quieter but excitement was still in the air. GU students were still taking it in that their team is on their way to the National Championship game for the first time ever. There is still school on Monday so many of them were hitting the books..

“I feel like we are still excited about what happened but at the same time we're realizing that we have homework to do," freshman Olivia Antoine.

It was back to work for students even though the big game is lingering on everyone's mind. As the basketball team worked on their game plan against North Carolina, students are working on their own.

“Definitely people are trying to figure out their next step in terms of waiting outside just to watch the game and in the McCarthey center we already got a text this morning saying do you want to line up at 8 a.m. to watch the game,” said student Justine Cooper.

Some sleep was a small sacrifice for the devoted Zags who are taking in the silence on campus before the craziness erupts again.

“We've always had trust in our Zags and even though people might have not thought so we've always knew and we've supported them the whole way through," said student Chloe LeComp.

Despite all the excitement of the tournament students were still getting their work done. A lot of students around campus had their faces buried in books and on their laptops doing work.