SPOKANE, Wash. --- We all know that Gonzaga had the attention of the nation as the Bulldogs had an awesome NCAA tournament run, but just how popular were the Zags on the internet?

In a Google Trends analysis, the search interest spikes every year for the NCAA tournament.

The highest peak on Google Trends was April of this year. The next highest peak on Google analytics was back in 2015 when Gonzaga was in the Elite Eight, which is a third of the amount of searches that happened this year.

Gonzaga’s website got a lot of traffic too. During the tournament, there were two million page views. Normally Gonzaga’s website gets eight million during the entire year.

Gonzaga says this is not only exciting, but it gives them critical exposure for endowments and attracting perspective students. The deadline for high school seniors to commit is May, so the NCAA tournament falls at an ideal time.

Searches of “Spokane” did not see spikes like Gonzaga did.

Google Trends also created a map that showed the searches for Gonzaga vs. UNC during the last weekend of the tournament. Searches for Gonzaga dominated every state except for North Carolina, the only state where UNC was searched more.