Despite a debilitating loss to North Carolina in the NCAA championship game, many fans were already looking ahead to next season.

“I feel like we made history, and there is nothing we can really do but love our Zags,” said another fan. “I mean, this is an amazing place. I’m never going to hate on our school.”

“They went undefeated until the final game so that was so exciting to watch happen,” said one fan. “To see them lose like that at the end. That, that was debilitating.”

Some fans were frustrated by some of the referees’ calls.

“We made history, we should have gone all the way, the refs didn’t let us play in the second half and they couldn’t build up any momentum and it was super sh**** that it went down like that,” said one fan leaving the Gonzaga campus watch party.

“I mean, it was a great season, the best season in school history,” said another fan.

“Whether they won or lost, they’re our local heroes,” said one man. “And just getting here is historic.”

“It was a good year,” added another fan.

Many fans looked forward to next year, despite the Monday night loss.

A mother daughter duo who booked their championship game flight a month ago told KREM 2 they were ready for next season.

“It’s all good,” said Diane Abbott. “You know, it’s been a great year, and we’re just so proud of them.”

“Of course we wish they would have won, but what a game,” she said. “Go Zags, we still love you…and we’ll see you back here next year."