SPOKANE, Wash. – Fans not only packed bars and restaurants, but also local theaters. The Garland Theater in North Spokane opened its doors Saturday afternoon to let people watch the game for free.

A long line stretched around the building at 2:00 p.m. with people waiting to head in and claim a seat. That wait turned out to be worth it, because Garland Theater was rocking.

“It’s not the Kennel, but it might be the next best thing,” GU fan Joe Busch said, “The line started to wrap around the block and I got nervous. But it was great standing in line with everybody. Lots of horns honking, people yelling.”

That yelling carried over into the Garland Theater. The theater opened their doors an hour before the game and let in fans for free. They served snacks and beverages too. The shouts got even louder when they translated to boos after Karnowski took a hit to the eye.

“It felt like everybody was cheating. The other team,” GU fan, Jackson said.

“This is a tribute to him. I felt it in my right eye a little bit,” GU fan Ryan Hendrickson said.

Still, everyone remained in good spirits and while exciting, things seemed to go pretty smooth at Garland Theater as well.

In the end, the energy was contagious.

“I'm thinking of asking my cardiologist if I should see more of these games. Really,” GU fan, John Morrow said.

Many fans teared up as the clock hit zero on Saturday. Meanwhile, staff at Garland Theater said they will be showing Monday’s NCAA Championship game as well.

Bing Theater also held a watch party. Bing Theater will host another watch party on Monday for the championship game.