SPOKANE, Wash. – There are many ways to show Bulldog pride and the DAA Auto Body Center showed their support on Saturday by tricking out a 1989 Chevy truck.

The teams spent hundreds of hours on the paint and body work. The truck features the Bulldog logo and blue and red flames. The interior was custom made and the truck itself is lifted.

Crew members said this is a special time for GU fans and the community and they just wanted to have a little fun and show how proud they are of their hometown team.

“Oh it’s everything, all of us are so excited. It’s like and extension of us, it’s like we’re there; it’s cool,” Chuck Buchner with DAA Auto Body Center said.

The auto body shop crew hopes the team will be able to sign the truck when they get back, but they said they have not decided what to do with the truck after that.