SPOKANE, Wash. - Many people are devastated after learning the news of the death of a former Spokane Empire football player.

One of his former coaches confirmed Carl Sims was shot and killed over the weekend in what is being investigated as a homicide in downtown Spokane.

Friends and former teammates said Sims really knew how to put on a show. The often exuberant wide-receiver, known for his “Sims Shuffle” in the end zone, notched more than 5,000 receiving yards during his career. That is the second highest record in IFL history.

He made more than 100 touchdowns and he was a two time first team all IFL wide receiver.

But it wasn't just his stats that made him special.

Carl Sims

“He was a team guy, he never complained but he always showed up to play,” Trevor Kennedy, a former teammate of Sims said. “When things were down we knew he would stay by the team and things would turn around.”

Another former teammate, Bryan Pray, said no one competed quite like him.

“We always tried to one up each of other, he did something I wanted to do better and vice versa he kept that competitive drive, he was a great dude,” Pray said.

“I was just speechless couldn’t even think it was real life,” former teammate Nick Haag said. “He rubbed off on so many people I don't think there's anybody who will tell you they didn't like Carl Sims.”

Sims left a lasting impact on the Indoor Football League, his friends said.

“He's definitely up there shuffling,” Kennedy laughed.