Every parent wants their kids to stay out of trouble, do well in school, and grow up to be a productive, happy adult.

While there’s no secret recipe for that, science says parents of successful kids do have 12 things in common.

A recent article in Travel + Leisure Magazine laid out the factors and the research behind them.

One common factor is they made their kids do chores.

“Our kids are domesticated,” said Rod Spencer, “Laundry, the dishes, they clean the toilets.”

Researchers also found moms of successful kids worked outside of the home.

The article sites studies that showed daughters of working mothers went to school longer and earned more money, a difference of 23 percent.

As for sons of working moms, they tended to help more with the kids and work around the house.

If you've ever wondered what's in a name, apparently, a lot.

Studies found kids with bias-proof names that are easy to pronounce found more success in a variety of areas.