On the outside it looks like a ordinary, cozy log cabin house, but with one step through the front door -- you'll quickly figure out why this Arizona home is garnering so much attention online. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom 2,500 square-foot home is, the listing says, a "once in a lifetime find."

Listed at $240,000, the single-family, "contemporary eccentric" home sits on 20 acres near Concho, Arizona and comes with quite a few custom-built amenities including its doors. The house itself was a custom build, according to the listing.

Sounds normal, right? But, as the listing reads, "must see to believe it does exist," you're going to want to see the inside.

The house was described over the phone to Century 21 High Country as a "cat utopia" by its owner. Listing agent Sara Reidhead didn't realize what that actually meant -- figuring it would just be a "couple" cat things -- until she got there.

Cat. Stuff. Everywhere! Which is probably an understatement since pretty much everything in the home is literally either covered or in some way cat-related including, since you were wondering, the flusher on the toilet, which is a cat.

Your feline friend can have some privacy with its very own toilet room -- which, as you may have guessed, is also adorned with cat photos all over the walls. Not only that, but they'll also get plenty of cat walkways to venture on and even a medieval cat castle.

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Now before you go off thinking crazy cat person, you might be surprised to find out the owner of the home only had two cats and the house definitely doesn't smell like cats have been there, according to Reidhead.

Although, neither Reidhead nor co-lister Liz Keller have gotten any offers yet, the attention online is sure to spark some interest -- possibly for the simple fact of potentially owning a very unique conversation piece.

Because at the end of the day, the home is a few cat-picture removals away from being just a newer cabin with a lot of acreage to play with, which is exactly why Reidhead and her team told potential, non-cat-loving buyers to "bring your sandblaster."

But if you're a cat lover or just feline like a cool cat, then you may have just found the purrr-fect home.

I'll see myself out.

For more information on the home and how to get in contact with Sara Reidhead, Liz Keller and Century 21 High Country, click here for the listing.