This week marked the end of mini camp for the Seahawks, but maybe the beginning of something new for Richard Sherman. A fresh start.

This guy has been in the media crosshairs since October when he absolutely lost it on the sideline during a win over the Falcons. Two months later, Sherman self-combusted again during the Rams game and days later confronted a member of the media.

I'm not here to rehash the past - that's been done far too much this offseason.

But I'll tell you this - after listening to Sherman talk to the media this week, I was impressed. Gone from that session was the condescending tone, the sarcastic answers, and the overall smugness that seemed to overcome him down the stretch last season.

Of all the entertaining answers he gave us during his interview, one stood out to me. He addressed his emotional eruptions on the sideline and finally admitted, "I might have gone over the top."

Seven simple words - a Magnificent Seven to my ears.

While his sideline tirades drew a lot of attention, what happens in that area is the team's business and all we can do as members of the media is speculate. And yes, there are some of us in the media who think we're the smartest people in the room, and as soon as a player senses you're that person, you're toast, because you will inevitably hear him say, "you never played the game, how would you know?"

I was just happy to hear Sherman hold himself accountable. I wanted to hear it last October, last December, and I definitely wanted to hear it after threatening to ruin a reporter's career after he didn't like his line of questioning.

But again, the past is the past. Hearing Sherman utter those seven words closes the door on the ugliness of last season. Even his head coach remarked how impressed he was with how Sherman handled the media this week. The same head coach who was clearly miffed at not only Sherman's isolated actions last season, but equally stumped at his lack of contrition.

But again, this is about the here and now. Sherman seems like he's in a good place, even after all the offseason trade rumors, the talk of turmoil in the locker room, and his supposed inability to let go of Super Bowl 49.

He's in the right place mentally and the right place physically, as in playing for the Seahawks. Since the day the Sherman trade rumors began, I was dead against it. He's made four-straight Pro Bowls and he's an integral part of this team's success. And with the window still wide open for this team to reach the Super Bowl, Sherman can welcome some fresh air and a fresh start.